The Different Types of Safco Flat Files

A division of the Liberty Diversified Industries, Safco Products Company was founded more than forty years ago, offering storage products that are specifically designed for office use. Ever since its existence, Safco has been known to be the leading provider of comfort and organization enhancing products for the work. Over time, Safco continues to evolve as a thriving and skilled supplier for almost every workplace environments.

Different Types of File Cabinets Safco Offers Safco offers wide range of file cabinets such as the Safco flat file cabinets, Safco B size plan file cabinets, Facil file, and the Master files.

The Safco Flat Files Safco flat file cabinets are made of steel and contain five to ten drawers. These type of cabinets feature a side roller assembly that are heavy steel and drawer rails that are extra strength for quiet and smooth operation of the drawers. Generally, Safco files include label holders and chrome drawer handles, and are available in three different sizes and colors. Here are some of the Safco flat file cabinets to choose from:

* Plan File Portfolio Flat Files. These cabinets are where you can keep documents together for easy transportation and added organization. With plan file portfolio, you can easily minimize wear and tear of your important documents and cut down the time you spend on looking for materials. The price of these types of Safco flat files ranges from $250-330.

* High Base Safco Flat Files. These types of cabinets allow you to add colorful styles to your files as well as elevate your organizing techniques. They help you retrieve your files without having to bend over or stoop because the base raises the files to as high as 20 inches above the level of the ground. They come in 20 different colors to choose from and with a powder coat finish. It costs around $542 to $602.

* 10-Drawer Steel Flat File. This flat file storage adds a colorful style to your files and allows you to mix and match your files to produce a sharp work center. It comes in 20 different colors to choose from for a stylish design with chic lines, chrome hardware, quiet access, and quality construction, making it a customizable classic fits every office. It comes with ball-bearing rollers that are case-hardened to provide a quiet and smooth operation, positive closures for a tight shut, and courtesy stops to keep them in the right place. Its hinged front depressor and rear hood helps keep the contents clean. It comes with a price tag of $2,891.

* 5-Drawer Steel Flat File. These Safco flat files have the same feature with that of the 10-drawer steel flat file. The difference is only that the 5-drawer steel flat file is composed only of 5 drawers. Price ranges from $1,413.00 to $1,938.00.

* Closed Base File. This flat file allows you to retrieve files with greater ease since it raises your files 6 inches off the level of the ground. Its parts are all made up of steel and come in 20 color options to choose from.

Add Color Accents to Your Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the one room in a house that many homeowners take the liberty to be creative and bold when it comes to the design when performing a home remodel. There are numerous themes and colors that fit perfectly in the kitchen and many homeowners use this room to show their truly creative side. One way for a homeowner to show their creative side and throw their own personality into the design is by adding color accents throughout the entire kitchen remodel. The colors used throughout the kitchen can reflect the homeowner’s personality as well as their style.

When it comes to adding color throughout the kitchen, there are numerous different options. The first and most obvious option when it comes to adding color is painting the walls throughout the kitchen. The walls are one of the most obvious focal points in the kitchen, therefore this is a great place to add color and style. The wall color can be subtle with light yellows and greens or bolder with reds and oranges. The color of the wall should accent the rest of the kitchen design, meaning if a lot of color is used in other accessories throughout the kitchen then subtle colors would look best on the walls so as to not overpower the rest of the design.

Another way to incorporate design and color into the kitchen is by updating the cabinet hardware when performing a remodel of the kitchen. The hardware on the cabinets is an important accessory in the kitchen and it is important that the cabinet handles match the rest of the kitchen design. Hardware for the kitchen cabinets comes in numerous different styles and colors. The finishes for the cabinet knobs and handles range anywhere from polished brass and antique iron to oil rubbed bronze and stainless steel. Installing new hardware on the cabinets not only adds style and color to the kitchen, but it also makes the cabinets look new without the cost of installing brand new cabinets.

In addition to the hardware on the cabinets there are other subtle accessories throughout the kitchen that can reflect the homeowner’s personality and style. Other kitchen hardware such as the faucets and lighting fixtures in the kitchen are another way for homeowners to show style and color in the kitchen. When choosing these particular accessories to finish out the kitchen design, it is important that they reflect the overall design of the kitchen and match the other hardware that is used. If stainless steel knobs are used on the kitchen cabinets than a stainless steel sink faucet is the best bet, along with stainless steel lighting fixtures.

When performing a remodel in any room throughout the house there are a lot of different ways for homeowners to throw in their own personality and style. The colors that a homeowner chooses in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or any other room in the house are a great way to add style and enforce a theme in that particular room.

A Successful Kitchen Remodel – It’s All in the Bones

If you’ve ever shopped for antique furniture or an old home, you’ve probably been asked the question, Does it have “good bones”? This expression is similar to the age-old adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” What it means is that if the foundation of a structure is good to start with, you can easily spiff it up to its original brilliance so that it lasts a lifetime. But like all good things, you must start with a solid core. The same can be said of your kitchen when you’re tackling a remodel, which was the premise behind a recent “Chicago Tribune” article titled, “Nate’s Approach: Build good bones.” The Nate of which the article speaks? None other than Oprah regular, interior designer Nate Berkus.

Subtitled “How to design a timeless, classic kitchen,” the story offered an ingredient list and a few style pointers for a kitchen remodel that never goes out of style. Before diving into Berkus’s suggestions, however, the article pointed to “Remodeling” magazine’s annual “Cost vs. Value Report,” to pinpoint the price of a major kitchen remodel in 2008-2009 at a whopping $56,661. Faced with a price tag like that, you’re going to want to make sure your kitchen remodeling efforts are ones that will endure the test of time.

“Ideally, it [your kitchen remodel] should look as sharp and attractive in a couple decades as it does the day the renovation crew clocks out,” the article stresses. But how do your accomplish this formidable feat? Here is Berkus’s main piece of advice: From the get-go, give your kitchen “beautiful bone structure.”

Short of ripping your home apart and starting new or adding on, there are parts of your house that are not going to change. “The entire Berkus team consider flooring and other unchanging materials “the bones” of a house, and they consider it their job to build bones that are timeless.”

In Berkus’s opinion, what do timeless bones consist of?
1. White or red oak flooring for its sturdiness and ability to age gracefully.
2. Marble on the countertops
3. Shaker-style cabinetry, which has avoided trends and managed to endure almost forever while still remaining classic
4. Glassed-in upper cabinets, “which bring a lighter quality to the room”
5. A tiled backsplash
6. White and gray paint
7. Polished nickel hardware
8. Stainless appliances

“With these [elements] as the foundation, Berkus and his team contend, homeowners can shake things up down the road by manipulating less permanent details, such as chair cushions, window treatments and accessories,” the article concludes.

Now the challenge remains in finding and bringing all of these elements together into a kitchen remodel that will never go out of style. An online kitchen supercenter can provide you with kitchen remodeling ideas and links to manufacturers for Armstrong hardwood flooring, DuPont countertops, KraftMaid cabinetry, Florida Tile, Behr premium paint, Liberty Hardware and GE appliances all in one convenient place. By browsing its showcase of designs, tips and insight, you can plan your goals, measure your space properly, plan your storage and manage your overall remodel.

Don’t Forget Your Bathroom Cabinet Knobs When Doing Renovations

Home renovations can be large, costly endeavors. Although homeowners spend large amounts of time and money on these projects – the outcome is often priceless. Whether you’re redoing the room entirely, or just making a few changes, it’s important to give attention to every little detail within the room. If you’re undergoing renovation in a room like the bathroom, you typically don’t have much room to work with. Although you don’t have as much space a living room or kitchen, it’s still important that your bathroom’s d├ęcor is coordinated after the renovations. Many people don’t associate decorative hardware with bathrooms, but it can make a big impact on this small space. Since you don’t have room for larger decorative pieces in the bathroom, it’s better to focus on the elements that already exist, and just place emphasis on them. After completing renovations on the bathroom, homeowners can fully focus on the decorative details of the room.

Some of the easiest elements to give a facelift to are bathroom cabinet knobs. Cabinet knobs can be found in just about every bathroom and are absolutely vital for the bathroom to be fully functional. A bathroom cabinet often falls directly at eye level, and may even house the only mirror located in the room. This means that it automatically will become a focal point, regardless of whether or not you planned on it to be. By updating your knobs and pulls, you’ve instantly given your bathroom cabinets a whole new look. Bathroom cabinet knobs also provide the opportunity to coordinate some of the different elements of the room. Say for example your bathroom houses beautiful oak flooring and cabinets, but your toilet and bath tub are a light cream shade. Instead of going with standard stainless steel knobs and pulls, adding in cream colored bathroom cabinet knobs pull together the two elements, creating harmony within the room.

One of the best things about installing decorative hardware into your bathroom is that you don’t have to be a home improvement expert. Although you may have hired outside labor to install your bathroom cabinets, you can easily make your already great cabinets even better. After cabinet installation is complete, you can choose the decorative hardware that works best with your theme and finish the project on your own time. You’ll save time and money by doing the job yourself and you won’t have to worry about taking a week off of work just to finish up detailing your room. Small projects like these are typically known as “renovations”, but they certainly impact the room in a big way.

So if you have recently undergone some larger bathroom renovations, don’t stop once the flooring is laid and the cabinets are installed. Your bathroom houses many small decorative elements that you may have never even known existed. Many homeowners think that decorating means adding pieces into the room that weren’t there before. Although this works in larger rooms like the living room and dining room, the bathroom doesn’t have the same size luxuries. Although your newly renovated bathroom may look great, you can easily make it even better just by introducing some decorative hardware to enhance your theme. Details are what ultimately make something interested and coordinated. Think of the Statue of Liberty. Although placing a giant piece of metal in the middle of a body of water is impressive, she would not be the same without her intricate carvings. Bathroom cabinet knobs give your room that interesting pop that will catch the eye without overwhelming it. Don’t let your renovations fall short. Give your bathroom’s details the attention that they deserve.

Creative Liberty With Unfinished Kitchen Cabinetry

Many people these days simply don’t content themselves with buying plain, stock cabinetry. While it usually does the job and provides a decent look to the kitchen, it simply lacks the aesthetic impact which many homeowners long for. Even catalogs, showrooms, and home improvement centers usually have little to offer in the style department. So what to do? Well, one of the solutions to that problem would be to invest in unfinished cabinetry. This way, you can choose yourself what kind of finish your cabinet will have, giving you some creative freedom and the opportunity to spruce up your cabinetry the way you see fit.

If you’re only troubled by price and functionality, then I suggest that you go for laminate cabinets. Out of all the materials which offer solid protection from deterrents such as heat and moisture, it’s one of the cheapest ones, along with marine plywood. It goes without saying though that these materials will not provide the same stylistic impact on your kitchen as other alternatives such as hardwood or stainless steel.

Today’s veneering companies offer an endless range of possible finishes for your cabinets, signifying that the only limiting factors in the design of your unfinished cabinetry would be your imagination and your wallet. Veneering cabinets, I believe, is the simplest as well as the most cost-effective way to injecting some well-needed style into them. If you want to make your cabinets look like wooden ones, then the best solution would be to opt for a natural wood veneer job or a wood stain. This will clone grain for grain the wooden texture of your choice onto your cabinetry.

In essence, it becomes clear that having unfinished kitchen cabinetry is basically getting the rights to customize your cabinet hardware without any extra cost, making it the obvious choice for any renovation projects in the kitchen.